The Biggest Ask provides education about surrogacy and facilitates connections between surrogates and intended parents

To complete our mission, we provide 3 main services:Β 


We offer a completely free on-line course about how a typical surrogacy journey works in the USA, catered to both intended parents and surrogates.

We offer many free surrogacy-related resources that should help you on your journey. Whether you’re interested in finding a list ofΒ surrogacy agencies, or a list of surrogacy attorneys,Β we have information that will be useful to you.Β 

We are committed to sharing the stories of both gestational carriers and intended parents to help spread awareness about surrogacy. We are not an agency. Our main goal is to educate and help make connections between potential surrogates and their intended parents.

I’m thinking about becoming a surrogate – why should I join The Biggest Ask community?

The decision to become a surrogate should be made with unbiased information and without pressure from anyone, especially surrogacy agencies. The Biggest Ask is a free educational resource for anyone interested in becoming a surrogate to use to learn all of the important aspects of a surrogacy journey.Β 

When you join The Biggest Ask you immediately:Β 

Receive a free informational packet catered specifically to surrogates

Gain free access to our online surrogacy guide

Gain free access to our surrogacy resources, including a comprehensive surrogacy agency, lawyer and escrow list, and one-on-one surrogacy agency interview videos

Join a community of other surrogates!

If you follow us on @thebiggestask, you’ll also stay up to date on our live events where we talk to experienced surrogates from all different agencies and journeys.

Read some stories from our surrogate community:
Meet some of our intended parents looking for a surrogate:

Ashley and Eric

Our Story Ashley & Eric have been together for 16 years (married for 8). They’ve been trying to achieve their dream of having a child


Alyssa and Matt

Our Story We met in college many years ago and have been married for over 5 years. We live in Philadelphia with our pet bunny,


I’m thinking about becoming a parent through surrogacy – why should I join The Biggest Ask community?

Embarking on a surrogacy journey from scratch is incrediblyΒ  intimidating. Don’t let fear drive any of your decisions. Learn everything about surrogacy from us – The Biggest Ask – your source for unbiased and well-balanced information about surrogacy.

When you join The Biggest Ask you immediately:Β 

Gain free access to our free online surrogacy guide

Can sign up for our free virtual workshops

Gain access to resources (e.g., agency lists, surrogacy attorney lists, etc) that provide in-depth information to help you select an agency if that is the route you plan to take

Join a community of other intended parents and surrogates!

Read some stories from our intended parent community