About Our Surrogacy Step-by-Step Guide

Are you curious about how much surrogacy costs? Or how to find a surrogate? Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate and would like to know how much a surrogate gets paid. Whether you are a potential intended parent or potential surrogate, this guide will empower you.

You will learn whether a surrogacy journey is right for you, and if it is, you will obtain the tools you need to succeed. Through this guide, you will:

Learn how the surrogacy process works from beginning to end, including the role of medical insurance, lawyers and psychological evaluations
Learn the unbiased pros and cons of using surrogacy agencies
Learn where you can find a surrogate or intended parent without using an agency
Learn how to pick an agency whether you’re a surrogate or intended parent

Our free online guide is broken up into easily digestible modules, so you can learn more about any aspect of the surrogacy process at your own pace. The modules cover everything you need to know about surrogacy, whether you are a potential surrogate or potential intended parent.

Our step-by-step guide helps you take control of your surrogacy journey on your terms. 

Guide Modules

In this module, we will review terminology and the history of surrogacy

In this module, we will review the most important steps in any surrogacy journey

In this module, we will discuss the egg retrieval process and some of the medical procedures a surrogate should expect…

The first thing any intended parent wants to know about surrogacy is – how much does it cost? We will go over that answer in this module…

In this module, we discuss the pros and cons of doing an independent journey and some tips to both IPs and surrogates who are set to pursue a surrogacy journey without the help of an agency…

Surrogacy agencies are not regulated. This means that any one can start a surrogacy agency. In this module, we discuss some things both IPs and surrogates should be aware of when evaluating surrogacy agencies…

We have been pursuing surrogacy for a couple of years now, and finding solid and reliable information in one source has been a challenge throughout the process, so finding your training and website has been incredible.

Michelle G.