Medical Insurance and Surrogacy

Medical Insurance and Surrogacy

Most IP medical insurance will not cover a surrogacy pregnancy. Typically, once a baby is born many IP health insurances will begin coverage of the cost of the baby after birth.

Therefore, IPs are left with two options – either find a surrogate whose medical insurance will cover a surrogacy pregnancy or purchase medical insurance on behalf of the surrogate.

These options sound simple, but they are not.


If the surrogate has medical insurance, her insurance may not cover surrogacy pregnancies (i.e., TriCare explicitly excludes surrogate pregnancies) or she might eventually lose medical coverage.

If the surrogacy does not have medical insurance, IPs can buy medical insurance coverage from the Affordable Care Act marketplace (less expensive) or Llyod’s of London (more expensive).

We discuss the pros and cons of each in this video. We also cover what secondary insurance is.