Embryo Transfer and the Risks of IVF Pregnancies

Embryo Transfer and the Risks of IVF Pregnancies

For surrogates, the risks preparing for embryo transfer are minimal. The PIO shots can be painful but rarely cause significant problems in themselves.

However, pregnancy is risky, especially IVF pregnancies.  All pregnancies affect the woman’s immune system response and some women respond worse than others.

However, compared to normal pregnancies, IVF pregnancies are also:

More likely to be with multiples (twins or triplets)

More likely to end early because babies conceived through IVF have a higher chance of being born early

IVF singletons are twice as likely to be born prematurely as singletons conceived naturally

More likely to cause preeclampsia (i.e., high blood pressure)

More likely to experience bleeding in their first trimester