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Step 2: Finding a Surrogate

IPs can find a surrogate within their own network (“independent journey” or “Indy”) or can hire an agency for help.

Finding a surrogate is the toughest component to a surrogacy journey and these two routes each have their own set of pros and cons.


The decision to use an agency or go Indy is difficult and highly personal. Keep in mind that from the surrogate’s perspective, having the support of an agency will always be a more attractive option compared to an independent journey with a stranger IP.


IPs should think about finding ways to compensate surrogates for this opportunity cost (e.g., pay a higher compensation; hire a third party coordinator, etc).


I discuss the pros and cons of surrogacy agencies and independent journeys in this video. Check out my video on How to Complete a Surrogacy Journey through an Agency to learn how to evaluate surrogacy agencies or my video on resources IPs and surrogates can use to pursue independent journeys.