About The Biggest Ask

My name is MaryJane (MJ), and I am the creator of The Biggest Ask.  I am a former intended parent and currently live in Saint Louis, Missouri. In real life, I am a professor at a business school. I wanted to leverage my teaching skills to create an online course, with interactive forums, to inform anyone interested in pursuing surrogacy – either as an intended parent or surrogate. I created The Biggest Ask to share all the knowledge that I gained from going through my own surrogacy journey with my husband, Seth, and our lovely gestational surrogate, Jennifer. 

As a former intended parent, I understand that if you are thinking about extending your family via surrogacy, you have had your fair share of challenges – no matter your sexual orientation, race, marital status or income level. I also understand that surrogacy seems incredibly daunting. That’s why I created The Biggest Ask. Please use this free website to empower yourself, so that you can make decisions based on knowledge and not based on fear.
If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate for a family, you have also come to the right place. During my surrogacy journey, I have interviewed close to 50 experienced surrogates, who I feature routinely on my Instagram account and on this website. Many of these experienced surrogates attend our webinars. So if you don’t take my word for it, take theirs. 
Learn about surrogacy from an unbiased source. The Biggest Ask is not an agency, we are a community. Click the video below to learn why I created The Biggest Ask.
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