Surrogacy Agency List

Updated: September 2021

Are you looking for a list of surrogacy agencies with their surrogacy agency fees and how much their surrogate compensation is? You’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of more than 150 surrogacy agencies that we have collected information on over time. Every six months, we make efforts to update this list as new surrogacy agencies pop up.

Ideally, each agency website would provide information about agency fees, surrogate compensation, number of births handled a year, extent of screening and location of most of their surrogates. Unfortunately, most do not, and we have reached out to all of these agencies requesting this information. Some respond, many do not.

Here are the definitions of the variables I have collected:

Surrogacy Agency Fees: The fee the surrogacy agency charges intended parents to find & screen a surrogate and coordinate the surrogacy journey between surrogates and intended parents.

Surrogate Compensation: The compensation provided to the surrogate paid for by intended parents.

Births per year: The average number of births handled by the agency per year. It gives you a sense of the size of the company.

Extent of screening: Some agencies screen more than others. Some agencies screen differently than others.

To make things simple, I organized the screening process of these agencies into three buckets: medical, interview, and psychological.

At the very least, every agency should do a preliminary medical screening of the surrogate (Medical Review). Interviewing the surrogate is the next tier of screening (Interview). 

Lastly, the best type of screening is one where a professional was involved to conduct a psychological exam (Psychological).

Please note: The mobile version of the table only includes 3 columns. View the following table on a desktop for more columns of information.

Don’t know how to pick the right surrogacy agency for you? Check out my video on How to Evaluate Surrogacy Agencies.

Agency List
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