Ben and Caroline


Our love story started like most 21st century couples, on a dating app. Caroline was in San Diego completing her master’s program to become a Montessori teacher. Ben had been in San Diego for about 7 years and was working as an attorney. After a few years of dating we moved in together and were engaged about 2.5 years after our first date. We got married in September of 2019! We welcomed our beautiful, funny and kind daughter in 2023 and we have been LOVING our new dynamic as a family of 3.

Our Interests

Caroline loves baking and reading, she‘s in two book clubs. She also loves watching Bravo. Caroline loves to explore San Diego with their daughter, going to museums and the library are their favorite spots.

Ben loves sports. Not only is he a hockey fanatic, he is also in a weekly softball league. Ben loves to golf any chance he can get. He also is a fan of live music going to the annual Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

We both love baseball and are Padres season ticket holders! We both have an affinity for good food and love cooking and going out to dinner. When we aren’t in San Diego we are usually visiting our friends and family in New Jersey or the Bay Area. Our favorite places to travel are Nantucket Island, New Orleans, and Hawaii.

What led us to Surrogacy

We always knew that the road to becoming parents would not be traditional. About five years ago, Caroline was told that due to her complex heart condition it would be unsafe for her to carry a child. Despite knowing this, we were engaged the summer of 2018 and married in the fall of 2019. Since we knew what we were up against we attempted to get the IVF process started right after we were married (Jan 2020). Due to timing and the global pandemic, we eventually started the egg retrieval process in the Spring of 2021. Caroline did two rounds of IVF getting a total of 4eggs (2 each round). Unfortunately, none of the eggs developed into embryos. Luckily, as one of five sisters, one of Caroline’s younger sisters volunteered to help and selflessly went through a round of IVF and donated her eggs so that Caroline could still be genetically connected to our future children. Surrogacy allows us to have a child that is genetically ours without putting Caroline or the child in danger. We feel so lucky to even have surrogacy as an option, and already have the utmost respect and appreciation for any woman (and her family), that help us grow our family. We had a great first experience with a surrogate who brought our daughter into the world. We are hoping to complete our family with this last journey.

Our Hopes & Dreams for Our Future Child

We hope any child that enters our family knows how badly they were wanted and the lengths that so many people went to get them here. We hope to teach our children to be positive forces in this world, sharing their gifts with others and their community. We wish for our children to be kind and happy.

Ben - Caroline Taylor 2

What we are looking for in a Match

We hope to have an experienced surrogate who we will have a close relationship with. We hope to connect with our surrogate and their family during this process. While location won’t be an ultimate deal breaker, finding someone in Southern California where we live or Philadelphia/New Jersey where our embryos and majority of our family lives would be ideal.

Extra Information

  • Names: Caroline & Ben

  • Location: San Diego, CA

  • Number of embryos: 3 euploid, PGS embryos

  • The Biggest Ask – if interested, email

  • Fertility Clinic: Penn Fertility Care in Philadelphia

  • Surrogate Compensation: High

  • Fertility Clinic: Prefer a surrogate who is COVID vaccinated

The Biggest Ask Says

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine provides the following recommendations for evaluation of gestational carriers (i.e., many fertility clinics will require the following for their gestational carriers):

  • Carried at least 1 child without complications
  • Fewer than 3 deliveries via c-section
  • Be within the ages of 21 and 45
  • Body mass index in between 19 and 32
  • No smoking, abusing drugs, alcohol or prescription medications
  • Not receiving welfare, public housing or cash assistance from the government
  • Has a stable home life with emotional and child care support
  • No mental health conditions requiring the use of medications within the last 6 months (including depression)
  • No criminal record

Watch the following video to review the Medical and Psychological Clearance procedures that surrogates must complete.

No one likes to talk about surrogate compensation, but it is an important factor in any surrogacy agreement. The following is how we classify high, medium and low compensation (excluding the value of any benefits). Many factors affect surrogate compensation including surrogate experience (e.g., has the woman been a surrogate before?), whether the surrogate is signed up with an agency and surrogate preferences.

  • Low = surrogate compensation less than $30,000
  • Medium = surrogate compensation between $30,000 and $45,000
  • High = surrogate compensation greater than $45,000

You can learn more about how much surrogates get paid in our surrogacy guide’s module: “How much does surrogacy cost?”.

Could you be their surrogate?

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