Surrogacy, A Family Affair.

Brandi lives in Layton, Utah with her husband and 5 kids. She is currently on her second surrogacy journey!

Q: You mentioned that your cousin introduced you to surrogacy? Do you think that since your cousin was a surrogate, you felt more comfortable about becoming a surrogate?

A: I definitely think it helped! I was sure I wanted to be a surrogate but I was stuck on which agency to go with. Not being an experienced surrogate I knew it would be important for me to work with an agency rather than go independent. She helped guide me to CSP and was a great go-to for my questions.

Q: Could you describe your relationship with your IPs since delivering their baby? What is your communication like?

A: My IP’s are from Belgium but currently live in Hong Kong so we don’t see each other much but we talk, video chat and text often. Going into the match, we wanted a relationship after Baby. I was ok with following their lead but I was pleasantly pleased to find they had a strong desire to keep in contact. We joke often and send each other random things. They often send me photos and videos of Baby and my kids love to connect with them via video chat. My 3 year old often says “I wove (love) his cheekies”

Q: You mentioned that your husband is very supportive – that is amazing. Could you describe how he supports you?

A: Biggest way-always making me laugh and see the bright side of anything. He gives me all my shots-everyday he is there for me when I need him. He genuinely never complains, I’m on 3 full days of bed rest for each transfer and he takes care of anything I need. He makes sure to remind our kids when I need to rest or when they can’t be jumping all over me. I truly could not do this without him!

Q: You mention that you had ureaplasma when you experienced a few miscarriages of your own. Could you tell us what that is? I love how your experience with miscarriages inspired you to become a surrogate.

A: Thank you, my losses were absolutely a big driving factor! Ureaplasma is a bacteria that can be found in the reproductive tract but it’s direct connection to miscarriages and infertility has not been definitively answered so not a lot of doctors test for it. Mine fortunately did and the two successful keepers post treatment of antibiotics (while actually being 5 weeks pregnant with my daughter) confirmed for us as the cause of my miscarriages. To be safe-I take a round of antibiotics at the moment of transfer.


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