Brittany is a mom of three kiddos and is in the early stages of a second surrogacy journey!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. What made you decide to become a surrogate?

A: I live in Southern California & have been married for almost 11 years. We have three kids of our own now but started my 1st journey when my second child was just 4 months old. Since being a surrogate, we’ve welcomed another baby into our family just a few months ago! I’m a trained chef & a self proclaimed foodie! 

I chose to be a surrogate because I honestly just love being pregnant. I’ve always felt like the best version of myself when pregnant & thought “why not use this special ability to help make a family?”

Q: How did you connect with your IPs when they lived os far away from you during the journey?

A: My IPs & I talked over WeChat. I would send them pictures of ultrasounds & bump pics here & there once I started showing. They would ask about my family & how my kids were doing. They gave me space to just be pregnant & update them as things got further along, which I appreciated.

Q: It looks like you get a lot of updates on your little surro babe. What is your relationship like with your IPs & surro baby?

A: I did get a lot of updates in the first year which was so sweet. I still love getting pictures & videos of him & showing him off to friends & family. I try to give them space now to just have their sweet family & I’ll text them on his birthday or Chinese New Year or if I’m just thinking about them. They’re always eager to tell me how he’s doing & how big & smart he is. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about becoming a surrogate?

A: To get your head & heart straightened out from the get-go. For me, I treated my surrogacy journey as my job for the year. I worked hard to make sure I was the best little home for that baby until he could be with his parents. When it was time to hand him over to them I wasn’t sad & didn’t feel connected to him because I had really focused on separating those feelings from the beginning. 

Q: Do you think you'll be a surrogate again, or one and done?

A: I’m actually in the process now of getting all my applications & paperwork done to start my next journey!🎉

Q: Is there anything you're looking for that's different in your next surrogacy journey?

A: I would love to help a more local family this time. I’d really like to have a friendship with them & have them be a part of all the exciting parts throughout the journey.

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