How Being A NICU Nurse Impacted Brittany’s Decision to Become A Surrogate

Brittany delivered a healthy surro baby girl in July 2021.

Q: Tell us how being a NICU nurse impacted your decision to become a surrogate.

A: I have been a NICU nurse for 4 years now. In those 4 years, I have heard numerous stories from couples on how they struggled with fertility. A lot of parents have a baby in the NICU simply because mom couldn’t carry to term due to an incompetent cervix or issues such as blood pressure or uterine issues. I have come across couples who had to use IVF to have their baby. They always say “it was a hard and long journey to get my baby here.” I’ve always thought about surrogacy, especially when my son was very young. But working in the NICU and being an ear/shoulder to cry on for those couples who struggled to get to the point of child birth and even child loss definitely gave me the push to go after being a surrogate to help a family out. 

Q: What did your 9-year-old son think about his mom being a surrogate?

A: He loved the idea. My son is so compassionate, sensitive, always willing to help someone out. I knew he would be on my side and understand! He was so excited he shared the news with his whole class via zoom around Thanksgiving. He stated to his class that he was “thankful for his mom because she was helping a family by having their baby!” But he also said he couldn’t get too attached because he knew she wasn’t coming home with us. He’s so smart and gentle. He was my number on supporter!

Q: It's so cool that your co-workers/friends helped you with your injections, what was it like having so many amazing people as part of your support system?

A: My coworkers were always there and supportive. They always checked in and made sure I wasn’t “overdoing it.” They were always there to hear my complaints and always there to cheer on my milestones! I love my ladies in pink!💕



Q: You shared that you were going to pump to donate breastmilk to those in need after your surro baby was born. How did pumping go? Were you able to get a good supply even without the baby near you?

A: Ha….pumping was hard!! I learned very quickly that pumping was not for me. I definitely would have had a decent supply but I was ready to have my body back to normal. My son latched and breastfed for 20 months. I never pumped, only supplemented. So, I had no idea the energy it took to pump. Since my journey has ended, I commend every NICU mom that brings me milk! It’s HARD! Good job to all the mama’s that pump!

Q: Do you still keep in contact with your intended parents and surro babe?

A: Yes! The first 3 months after our journey, we kept in contact weekly. We had a fun weekend here in Nashville around the 3 month mark. I try not to “check in” because my journey is complete. We agreed that holidays and birthdays were sufficient enough to maintain a relationship. But if I were to reach out, my IM would be there in a heartbeat! They will forever be in my heart! 

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