Giving Birth to Twins During COVID

Cristina lives in Modesto, California and delivered twin surro boys this past October!

Q: How was carrying twins different than with your previous pregnancies? Did they transfer two embryos or did one split into two?

A: My IPs wanted twins, but the doctor determined it was best to only transfer one embryo. Luckily, the embryo split! With carrying twins, my belly grew much larger (as expected), which caused me to be a lot more tired and have more physical discomfort. The twin pregnancy also brought heartburn and gestational diabetes, something I didn’t experience in my previous pregnancies. But honestly, overall, it was a pretty great pregnancy.

Q: How was it giving birth during Covid? When could the IPs meet the babies?

A: For me, giving birth during Covid was familiar. I gave birth to my second daughter during the H1N1 pandemic which also limited me to only having one support person present and no visitors. The IPs were unable to come into the country for the birth, but their POA was able to wait in a separate room while the twins were born. A month after the birth, the IPs were finally able to travel into the US and meet their sons!

Q: What do you think your relationship with your IPs will be?

A: I had a great relationship with the IM throughout the whole process. She was very attentive to my and my family’s wellbeing, and was very supportive through all of the good and the bad that surrogacy brings. Now that the twins are born, communication has decreased tremendously, but I am understanding of it because I knew this could happen. I honestly don’t know what our relationship will be, but I would love to receive updates on the twins.

Cristina’s Advice to Surrogates and IPs

“My advice would be to do the research and take the time to make a decision on an agency, if going that route, as well as in the matching process. I chose to go with the first couple I met, but it felt right for me, and that brought about an amazing journey and experience!”


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