Agencies can provide an added level of comfort for surrogates.

Crystal lives in Florida with her husband and two sons.

Q: Agency or Independent Journey?

A: Through an agency b/c it made me feel more comfortable. Both of my journeys are with Life Through Surrogacy in Florida. I’m currently their surrogate coordinator and I feel blessed to remain in the surrogacy world even after 2 journeys!

Q: Would you recommend being a surrogate to anybody interested?

YES! It’s changed my life and I’m so grateful for these experiences.

Crystal’s Advice to Surrogates

“Make sure you ask all the questions you have to your agency, potential IPs, fertility clinic, and family. It can be quite scary and overwhelming your 1st time with the needles, legal papers, and exams. So make yourself comfortable and ask away.”

Crystal’s Advice to IPs

“Make sure you lay out all of your requests, requirements, and concerns. If you want a surrogate who won’t travel their whole pregnancy, make that known. If you’re looking for a surrogate to provide breast milk after birth, make that request before legal. The surrogate/IP relationship is SO important during the whole process and everyone wants to feel comfortable and appreciated.”


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