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How we met is actually a funny story – our mutual friend that Danielle worked with at the time had left her hat at a meeting. Danielle was going to drop it off at her house, but she said she was at a restaurant. Danielle assumed she was there with her family so she decided to go. She walked in looking for a family member and the only person she saw was a very tall guy sitting by himself. Danielle’s friend then walked out of the bathroom and introduced us. We ended up staying there talking for hours. Afterwards, Justin asked Danielle for her number and asked her out to dinner. Justin always set up our next date before the current one was over – which  Danielle loved. 

In November of 2019, Danielle was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer– Justin didn’t skip a beat and was by her side taking care of her. In January of 2022, we got engaged and were married in August of that same year. We are both very driven by routine and goals. While we have separate jobs – Justin has a company which he started 18 years ago, we both enjoy working alongside each other on the weekends for his job. Some people could probably find our daily routine a little boring – but we love it and find that it helps give us balance. 


We are passionate about healthy lifestyles, cooking, daily walks together. Other than our daily walks – I don’t think either of us have ever been too much into hobbies. Justin is a 3 time All American athlete – so he is very disciplined and we both enjoy what we call our “traditions” in our every day life, i.e. watching a comedy show in the morning while we have our breakfast (the same thing every morning – steak, eggs, broccoli, and fruit), in the evenings we usually watch police footage with our dinner – for Justin’s law practice. And we always take a walk every evening after dinner. Justin is an avid gym-goer and I enjoy art and reading. We love spending time with both of our families and host the holidays so that we are able to spend time with both families at once. 

What led us to Surrogacy?

In March of 2023, Danielle was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Due to treatments she is now unable to carry her own child. Something we would like our future surrogate to know is that it has always been my desire to be a mother – having the capability of doing that myself being taken away has been almost as hard as the cancer. But Justin & I are excited (a little scared to be honest) for this new chapter in our lives and to see each other in these new roles. 


  • NAMES: Danielle Justin
  • LOCATION: Westlake, OH 
  • NUMBER OF EMBRYOS: 1 embryo
  • FERTILITY CLINIC: Cleveland Clinic

The Biggest Ask Says

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine provides the following recommendations for evaluation of gestational carriers (i.e., many fertility clinics will require the following for their gestational carriers):

  • Carried at least 1 child without complications
  • Fewer than 3 deliveries via c-section
  • Be within the ages of 21 and 45
  • Body mass index in between 19 and 32
  • No smoking, abusing drugs, alcohol or prescription medications
  • Not receiving welfare, public housing or cash assistance from the government
  • Has a stable home life with emotional and child care support
  • No mental health conditions requiring the use of medications within the last 6 months (including depression)
  • No criminal record

Watch the following video to review the Medical and Psychological Clearance procedures that surrogates must complete.

No one likes to talk about surrogate compensation, but it is an important factor in any surrogacy agreement. The following is how we classify high, medium and low compensation (excluding the value of any benefits). Many factors affect surrogate compensation including surrogate experience (e.g., has the woman been a surrogate before?), whether the surrogate is signed up with an agency and surrogate preferences.

  • Low = surrogate compensation less than $30,000
  • Medium = surrogate compensation between $30,000 and $45,000
  • High = surrogate compensation greater than $45,000

You can learn more about how much surrogates get paid in our surrogacy guide’s module: “How much does surrogacy cost?”.

Could you be their surrogate?

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