Facebook Groups can be an Valuable Resource to Surrogates.

Dottie lives in Tennessee, is a mother of 3 and a two-time surrogate.

Q: How did you learn about surrogacy?

A: I first heard about surrogacy in my early 20s, when I was asked by my bosses (2 women) to carry for them. I immediately wanted to say “YES!” but I wasn’t done completing my family yet so couldn’t do it. About ten years later, I had my third baby, and knew I was 100% DONE with my family. I sent my husband for a vasectomy & dove in to the invaluable surrogacy info groups on Facebook

Q. Agency or Independent Journey?

A: After years of research, and reading reviews, I narrowed down my top choices of agencies. I planned to go with Heart to Hands Surrogacy, out of Oregon, but, then I met Heather Hatfield. She, her husband Joel, & I had so much in common, lived pretty close to each other, and wanted the same things in our journeys… and they needed an independent surrogate after surviving her cervical cancer. After many discussions with my husband & them, I decided to match with her & her husband. It seemed meant to be.

Dottie’s Advice to Surrogates

I am SO thankful that I had plenty of time to research & made sure I felt my own family was 100% complete first. Put your own family first! I will never carry again, due to postpartum complications after surrogacy, but I have no regrets because of that! I don’t want any other surros to have any regrets either!

Dottie’s Advice to IPs

“Find a surro that wants the same as you, feels the same as you, has a lot in common with you- it will make everything easier, in a very complicated journey!”


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