Even Second Guessers “Just Know” when Surrogacy is Right for Them.

Heather is based in Missouri and has been a surrogate twice for Circle Surrogacy

Q: What’s one thing that surprised you about the journey?

A: The medications! I knew there would be meds, but geez, SO MANY SHOTS! I did a total of 5 rounds between both journeys and my needle count was well into the 500s by the time I finished.

Q: How did you learn about surrogacy and how did you know it was right for you?

A: I was in a Facebook group for stay at home moms and someone brought up egg donation as a way to bring in extra money. I didn’t want to do that, but researching that led me to information on surrogacy and I knew I handled pregnancy well, so why not. It felt right, I was never scared or worried, and I’m a major second guesser. I just knew.

Q: Agency or Independent Journey?

A: I chose to go through an agency. When I was looking for information I found a few and realized this would be too complex for me to feel comfortable going independently. I ended up with Circle Surrogacy and I am very happy with the services they provided and personal care and attention they gave everyone involved. I chose them because they were very welcoming and kind, and quick to respond to questions and concerns. They’re also very surrogate focused.

Heather’s Advice to Surrogates

Research, research, RESEARCH. Read reviews, join groups in Facebook, look at many agencies, talk to other surrogates. Definitely don’t become a surrogate on a whim, it’s a minimum one year commitment, be prepared for that”



Heather’s Advice to IPs

“Talk to your surrogate and Trust your surrogate. Communicate fears, questions, concerns. They’ve been through pregnancy before, they understand the first time worries from experience. They want to see you succeed in parenting, and they will help calm your nerves. Definitely do not try to go behind their back and talk to their doctor about them. It shows a lack of trust in them.”


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