India’s Surro Baby was Delivered at Home with the Help of a 911 Operator

Surrogacy story

India lives in Baltimore County, Maryland. She gave birth to a surrogate baby in June 2020.

Q: You’re interested in doing another journey in the fall. What will you do differently this time around? What have you learned from your first journey that you will apply to your second?


A: If I were to do a second journey the only thing I’d change is having a therapist for support throughout theDelivered at home surrogacy and postpartum. It’s always good to have the mental health support going through such an intimate process. Looking back I would’ve liked to have had someone to talk to especially going through a pandemic in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Q: Please describe your support system. How do you manage the difficult aspects of surrogacy?

A: I had the support of my immediate friends and family. Things got a bit tougher when stay at home orders were put in place when I was almost 7 months pregnant. Going through pregnancies 10 years apart was interesting. I was able to listen to my body and fully take in the experience of being pregnant again.

Q: You weren’t able to get to this hospital in time to deliver your surro baby. Please tell us a bit about your birth experience.

A: My birth experience was very positive. I had my bags packed and by the door a month before I delivered with all types of snacks, hygiene products, and compression garments. When my contractions started I timed them for one hour and at the end of that hour I delivered a baby with the help of a 911 operator. Because of my quick labor no one made it in time to take me to the hospital. I FaceTimed the parents in the back of an ambulance. They were shocked, happy, and also relieved that everything went well and the baby was healthy.

Q: You have one son. How old is he and how did he react to your surrogacy journey?

A: I have one son who is 10 years old now. He’s very interested in science so breaking everything down in a way that he would understand was fairly easy. He thought the process was cool and was helpful during the pregnancy.


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