Don’t Rush the Process and Enjoy Everything

Jasmin lives in Utah with her husband and 4 kids. She owns her own in-home bakery and is a distributor with Young Living!

Q. How did you come across surrogacy?

A: I don’t remember exactly how I came across surrogacy, I just remember learning about it when I was younger and thinking it would be something really cool to do. After my daughter was born, my husband and I decided we were finished having kids and I figured I would go for it and try to be a surrogate! I had never had a problem getting pregnant, but I know a lot of people who struggle with infertility, so I thought why not give them something they can’t get on their own?

Q: What is something that surprised you about surrogacy?

A: Something that surprised me about the journey is the connection that I didn’t feel during my pregnancy or after the baby was born. I cared about him and was concerned over his safety my entire pregnancy but I never felt connected to him like I was his mom! It felt more like I was an aunt or other family member. I got asked a lot if I was going to be sad/if I was sad when I had to give him to his parents and my honest answer was NO! I knew going into it that he wasn’t my baby and that I was just watching over him until his parents could take over and it was the greatest feeling in the world handing him over to his dad when he was born.

Q: What did you learn from your first journey that affected your second journey?

A: Nothing from my 1st journey really affected my 2nd journey. My 1st journey, to me, went perfectly. The agency was great, the IP’s are amazing and the pregnancy / delivery was smooth. What I know now, having gone through this before, is to appreciate the time and small moments. My first journey went by so quickly. When it was over, not only did I feel accomplished, but I also felt wanting more. I couldn’t wait until my next journey. I wanted to help another couple complete their family. So, appreciate the time. Don’t rush anything and learn to relish that moment you’re in whether its the notorious 2 week wait (2WW) post transfer, or the last few dreaded weeks of the pregnancy where you feel “done”. ENJOY IT

Jasmin’s Advice to Surrogates

“Find an agency you trust! The agency I went through (Creative Family Connections) was fantastic. They handled every single thing and made sure I was truly matched to the best couple. Also, decide if this is something you can truly commit to. Being a surrogate is amazing and selfless, but it’s a huge commitment and will take up at least a year of your life, if not more.


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