A Good Support System is Crucial to a Successful Surrogacy Journey.

Katie lives in California with her husband and 3 children. Katie is currently on her second surrogate journey!

Q: Which agency did you use for your first journey? How did you pick the agency?

A: My first journey I went with an agency: Happy Future Surrogacy. They were recommended by a friend who had just finished her first surrogacy journey with them.

Q: You mentioned that your current journey is an independent one. Could you talk a little bit about your decision to do that?

A: The decision to go independent for my second journey was completely random. I never planned to go through an independent journey. I was contacted through IG from a couple looking for a surrogate for their 2nd baby. They had their first child (now 4 years old) through surrogacy. I was skeptical at first. We planned to use an agency but after time, we both realized a few things: we have both been through this before with an agency, we were doing a lot of the “leg work” ourselves already to get things moving, and ultimately it would save the IP’s a great deal of money not having to utilize an agency. I want to point out, though, I highly suggest using an agency as a first time IP and first time surrogate. I truly enjoyed my agency and appreciate all they did for me during my first journey. They helped me understand so much of this new world I had then just discovered.

Q: What did you learn from your first journey that affected your second journey?

A: Nothing from my 1st journey really affected my 2nd journey. My 1st journey, to me, went perfectly. The agency was great, the IP’s are amazing and the pregnancy / delivery was smooth. What I know now, having gone through this before, is to appreciate the time and small moments. My first journey went by so quickly. When it was over, not only did I feel accomplished, but I also felt wanting more. I couldn’t wait until my next journey. I wanted to help another couple complete their family. So, appreciate the time. Don’t rush anything and learn to relish that moment you’re in whether its the notorious 2 week wait (2WW) post transfer, or the last few dreaded weeks of the pregnancy where you feel “done”. ENJOY IT

Q: You mention a few times in your posts the importance of a good support system. Could you describe instances in your journey where it was crucial?

A: A support system is a MUST. Being a gestational carrier takes a toll on your body and mind just as any other pregnancy would. You need family/friends who want what’s best for you and want to help you. After my embryo transfers for both my 1st and 2nd journey, my husband was there to take care of me to ensure I was able to rest. I personally cannot give myself my own daily injections. For my first journey, my mom was the one giving me the injections. My current journey now, my husband is giving me my injections. Without them giving me those shots, I would definitely struggle! One of my love languages is acts of service. Seeing my family help me just further confirms how much they love and support me which improves my overall emotional and mental health.

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