Khloe is a military spouse, & mama to 2. She has been an egg donor twice, and is currently on her second surro journey!

Q: Tell us about yourself and what led you to surrogacy.

A: My name is Khloe and I’m a 30 year old military spouse, true crime obsessed, goat and chicken tending mama of 2. I work at a Life Insurance company with my dad but will be starting courses for my dental hygienist career as soon as my youngest starts first grade in the fall. 

Surrogacy and Egg Donation have been in my heart and on my mind since I was 19. I’ve always thought that if I could help somebody, why wouldn’t I? I was blessed with amazing, easy pregnancies and after meeting a fellow surrogate and speaking with a fertility doctor, I knew I was meant for it. Fun fact: the name “Khloe” is a variant of “Chloe” – the Greek Goddess of Fertility. 

Q: We see you have been a surrogate and an egg donor! That's so amazing! How many surrogacy journeys have you done, and how many egg donations?

A: I am currently on surrogacy journey #2 and I donated eggs twice in between my first surrogacy journey (completed in 2021) and this current one. I hope to complete more egg donations after this journey ends and I also hope to complete one more surrogacy. 

Q: Did you do independent surrogacy journeys or through an agency? And what led you to that decision?

A: My first surrogacy journey was with an agency and this current journey is independent. I came to make the decision to go independent because my agency experience felt disconnected. Being more involved in the behind the scenes footwork AND saving my IPs an agency fee felt amazing!

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a surrogate?

A: Physically – Being pregnant. I absolutely love being pregnant, although I’ve noticed with age, pregnancy is a little harder at 30 compared to my 20s….as to be expected.
Mentally – I love feeling like I am changing lives. As much as I wave away the compliments about “changing lives”, I really do hope and pray that I have/am. 

Emotionally – The connection with my IPs. It is the most beautiful thing to bond over something so personal and special. A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to connect with non family members so deeply, and for having that chance, I am so thankful. 

Q: What do you feel the biggest difference is between the surrogacy medications and the egg donation medications?

A: The timeline is the biggest difference. Surrogacy medications are administered for about 3 months, whereas egg donation medications are administered for about 3 weeks. 


Q: What is one thing you would tell future surrogates or egg donors?

A: If interested in either, research and reach out to fellow surrogates and/or donors! I recommend having a strong support system whether that be your spouse, family, friends and/or women who have been through the process. Also, never be scared to make yourself at home with your fertility clinic team. Knowing I am able to email or call somebody if I have any questions is always comforting! 

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