Lale Annie was a Surrogate in 2016 and is Now Beginning Her Second Surrogacy Journey!

Lale Annie was a surrogate in 2016, and is in the early stages of her second journey.

Q: Where are you from? Please tell us a bit about yourself :)

A: My name is Lale Annie and I’m from the Kansas City area. I’m married to my super supportive husband, Brian, and we have 2 boys (age 13 and 12). I have been in the dental field for 16 years and absolutely love my job. I enjoy binge watching Netflix, reading, working out, and of course scrolling tiktok/instagram. Surrogacy is a passion of mine and I love sharing my story.

Q: You were a surrogate in 2016. Can you describe what it was like being a surrogate in 2016 vs now? Was there a big community of surrogates on instagram back then? How did you meet other surrogates?

A: Looking back on my surrogacy in 2016 is so surreal. I still can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years! When I started my first journey I was clueless. I really leaned on my agency for support and knowledge about the entire process. I joined a few surrogacy forums but I feel like there wasn’t anything like there is now. And if there was, they were hard to find. I’m so excited for this time around because of the huge support systems I have found online. It’s so nice to be able to connect with other surrogates and have these incredible ladies to share it all with.

Q: How did you end up choosing Pathways to Parenthood as your agency?

A: When choosing Pathways I truly lucked out. I knew I wanted a more local and smaller agency, which narrowed down my search. After doing a little research I found Pathways to Parenthood. I applied online and heard back rather quickly. After speaking with the owner, I knew I had to sign with them. They made me feel like part of a family and really listened to what I wanted. They made me feel important and supportive throughout my journey. It’s the reason I signed with them again for my 2nd journey. 


Q: You decided not to pursue a journey with IPs who were uncomfortable with you using social media. Did their strong preference surprise you? Has it been hard to find IPs who are okay with you using social media?

A: I knew going into the initial match meeting that they had some reservations about me posting on social media. They had informed my agency but said they were willing to discuss a possible compromise. They were a great couple, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make the compromises they wanted and we parted ways. I knew in my heart there was a set of IPs that would be just as excited about sharing our story as I was. I am so happy I followed my heart because I was matched just a week later with my current IPs and they are AH-MAZING! We even have plans to make a few tiktoks/reels together. 

Q: Could you describe your relationship with your first set of IPs?

A: I would say we had more of a “business” relationship. They were out of state so that made it hard to really get to know each other. We stayed in contact mostly through emails and our agency. They are very wonderful people and we still stay in touch with messages a few times a year. I love getting updates.

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for any woman thinking about becoming a surrogate?

A: First off, if you’re even considering becoming a surrogate, you’re already a rockstar! Surrogacy is an amazing gift to give a family and it is important to put your whole heart in it. The process can be long but it’s so worth it. My best advice is to find a support system, much like The Biggest Ask or an agency; that will have your back and help you through any difficult decisions or questions that you have during the process. There are so many people waiting to start their family and you could be a big blessing to them. 

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