Tania is a 4-time surrogate! She just delivered her last surro babe in July 2022, just two weeks before turning 46 years old!

Q: Tell us about yourself! What led you to surrogacy?

A: I am a single mom to 3 young ladies. I have always thought about being a surrogate but could never while married. I have had very smooth pregnancies and deliveries and just love being pregnant, so why not help someone complete their family. When I divorced my husband, I made a bucket list of everything I wanted to do and surrogacy was on that list. I researched agencies and was fortunate enough to find a good agency in 2014, I applied and within less than a year I was pregnant with my first surro baby. 9 years since starting surrogacy and 4 babies later, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, becoming a surrogate changed my life. It was an amazing experience each time.

Q: We see that you were 45 during your last journey, AMAZING! Was there a difference in your surrogacy journeys when you were 45 vs when you were younger?

A: I didn’t feel any different this last time carrying my 4th and last baby. I’m healthy and know my body so I knew I could do it again regardless of my age. My OB/GYN was so supportive and he encouraged me to do a 4th journey if that’s what I wanted to do. This last journey I was told I’m too old and my agency did not want me to apply again which I completely understood. However, I knew I could do it again. I was blessed to find an agency in Florida that allowed me to apply regardless of my age. Life Through Surrogacy welcomed me as a surrogate despite my age and 6 deliveries. I delivered a healthy 9 pound baby girl on July 17, 2022, 2 weeks before my 46th birthday. 

Q: What's your favorite thing about being a surrogate and how did each journey differ?

A: My favorite thing about surrogacy is the excitement of the actual transfer, the excitement of cheat testing 4 days after the transfer and seeing that test with “pregnant” lines! Then, of course, the birth which is absolutely magical seeing the couples see their baby for the first time. Least favorite is the time the transfer didn’t work on the first try, really heartbreaking for the couple. 

Q: What is something you would tell a brand new surrogate?

A: I would say to a new surrogate, don’t be sacred or shy to ask questions. Don’t be shy, advocate for yourself and if anything does not feel right – don’t be afraid to speak up about it!

Q: Do you still have relationships with any of your IPs or surro babies?

A: Yes, I am in contact with all of the families regularly. Two are international and the other is just a couple of hours away from where I live. I get pictures all the time and hopefully in the future I will get to visit with them. Getting into surrogacy I was hoping to make lifelong relationships and I am so glad that these families feel the same way. 

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