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  • Alycia.K

    July 5, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    Having a midwife and delivery in a birthing center!

    I adjusted my maternity clothes compensation. I didn’t have any maternity clothes at all and have an outdoor job. So depending on the time of year I’m pregnant I would need maternity hiking pants, maternity snow pants, coat extender, thermal clothing. None of that is cheap or easy to find second hand. And if my feet were to swell they would mean new hiking/raining winter boots etc. My IPs ended up completely removing the cap.

    Other things I asked for was prenatal classes, prenatal yoga classes since they really helped with aches and pains last time and pelvic physio sessions for after birth.

    Set was high on my list but now we are planning a DET (but IPs made it super clear I could say no)

    I also had them change the abstainance clause. It said from start of meds until after betas but my partner has had a vasectomy so we changed it from 24hours until betas.

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