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The Biggest Ask Forums For Intended Parents Any advice for legal/contracts? Reply To: Any advice for legal/contracts?

  • MJC

    July 20, 2022 at 1:47 pm

    @Kim sorry it took me so long to respond (even though I’m not a lawyer!) There was nothing that I was like, “omg – thank God we had that in our contract with our first surrogate, Jennifer!”, but I guess here are some things that I found useful to have?

    1. Limit on lost wages? Especially if your surrogate is a higher earner.

    2. Life insurance policy (through Art Risk)

    3. I haven’t purchased this but Art Risk now offers a bed rest insurance! Which at some point thought would be really useful, but not sure if I will purchase? The bed rest insurance help protects IPs against lost wages in case the surrogate needs to be on bed rest for a large portion of the pregnancy!

    4. Clauses about the surrogate’s leave after birth. It’s good to know whether her work will allow her paid time leave – and if not, how many weeks you’ll be responsible for. That was something I totally forgot about at first.

    I think everything else is relatively standard! Open to chatting more – either here on the Forum or private message 😉