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The Biggest Ask Forums For Surrogates How do you get to know your IPs in the early days? Reply To: How do you get to know your IPs in the early days?

  • MJC

    August 2, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    @RachEliz that’s awesome to hear! When you guys talk, do you talk on the phone or in person? I am an IP, but I felt the same way for both of my surrogacy journeys re: once in a lifetime match. With our first surrogate, Jennifer, we would text multiple times a day. Mostly her giving me updates on her life, etc. I loved it. Then on this journey, Lauren is more introverted and still texts every day to tell me things are good, but not as much as Jennifer did. And I love it, too! It’s so funny how different journeys still feel like the perfect one and it would be impossible to ever find another great match.

    Congrats on your + betas!