Surrogacy Agency Interviews

Reproductive Alliance:

Watch my Q&A with one of the founding members of the Reproductive Alliance. The Reproductive Alliance aims to provide national standards for all US-based surrogacy agencies.

Family Matching Consulting, LLC

FMC is not a surrogacy agency. Instead they help match intended parents with their ideal surrogate candidate through their network of more than 75 surrogacy agencies. IPs pick the surrogate first, then the agency. According to their website, the all inclusive surrogate search is $3,400. This is in addition to the surrogacy agency fee that IPs will have to pay.

Circle Surrogacy Agency:

According to Circle's website, they offer many packages. If you don't have a surrogate, they offer a Journey Protection Guarantee Program at $148,750 (which excludes the cost of IVF, but includes surrogate compensation, unlimited transfers and 100% refund of agency fee is no baby is born.

Gift of Life Surrogacy Agency:

Gift of Life is a surrogacy agency based in Ohio. One of the owners is also a reproductive endocrinologist. This agency screens and fully medically clears surrogates before introducing them to intended parents. Their agency fee is $33,000.

Heartland Surrogacy:

Heartland surrogacy agency is based in Portland, Oregon and Iowa. They handle about 10 cases a year and charge agency fees of around $19,000.

NewBorn Advantage:

Previously known as Lotus Blossom Consulting. Newborn matches intended parents with surrogates in weeks! Agency fee consists of a $7,500 surrogate identification fee and a $24,000 case management fee.

Private Label:

This agency is founded by Nancy Block, RN, and Mark Silverberg, a reproductive endocrinologist. They are based in Chicago. Agency fees are unknown.

Abundant Life:

This agency is based in Idaho, surrogate capital of the world. Amber, the owner, is a 3 time surrogate herself. Agency fees are $12,500.

Bayside Surrogacy:

This agency is based in Huntington Beach, California. Noelle, the founder, also works part time at another agency. The agency fees are unclear but Noelle mentions the possibility of a tiered solutions, where intended parents pay for the services that they need. In addition, she mentions that she is low-cost focused.

Bright Futures Families:

This parent company owns 6 smaller agencies: Colorado Surrogacy, Montana Surrogacy, Southwest Surrogacy, New England Surrogacy, Pacific Cascade Surrogacy, and Texas Surrogacy. Agency fees are $29,000.

International Surrogacy Center:

This agency doesn’t charge any fee until a match is confirmed. The agency is based in California. Agency fees are $27,500.