The Biggest Ask Surrogacy Management Program

Using personalized support and technology to help intended parents and surrogates meet, manage and thrive through the most meaningful journey of their lives at affordable prices

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Let The Biggest Ask, one of the largest surrogacy communities, help you on your surrogacy journey! Surrogacy can be overwhelming with matching, coordination, and communication and often filled with unexpected surprises. Navigating those surprises alone can be hard. We want to help you!

Here are *some* of the services we offer:

  • Assist in finding a suitable surrogate based on compatibility, preferences, and legal considerations (please check out our FAQs for more information)
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the surrogacy process, discussing legal, medical, and emotional aspects.
  • Assist with paperwork, documentation, and administrative tasks involved in the surrogacy process.
  • Offer information and resources related to surrogacy laws, contracts, parental rights, and any legal documentation required.
  • Provide recommendations for reputable fertility clinics, reproductive specialists, and medical professionals experienced in surrogacy.
  • Provide information on the cost of surrogacy, insurance options, budgeting, and potential financial assistance programs.
  • Facilitate effective communication between intended parents and surrogates, ensuring open and respectful dialogue throughout the journey.
  • Offer guidance on the transition to parenthood, including resources for postpartum care, newborn essentials, and early parenting advice.
  • Provide information on fair compensation rates for surrogacy services and assist in negotiating financial agreements with intended parents.
  • Advocate for the rights and well-being of surrogates, ensuring they have access to necessary healthcare, legal protection, and support.
  • Maintain regular communication with surrogates to address any concerns, provide updates, and offer guidance at every stage of the surrogacy journey.
  • Provide resources and support to surrogates during the postpartum period, including physical recovery, emotional well-being, and transitioning out of the surrogacy experience.

Our packages range from $500 to $5,000 depending on your needs, and we offer a money back guarantee. 

Click here to learn more details about our packages and our terms for matching.

What makes us stand out?

Personalized support

Open text line for IPs and surrogates to get the support they need no matter what time of the day.

Custom technology

Our custom app helps us manage your journey and helps you get to know your surrogacy partner better.

Our Community

Our growing surrogacy community allows us to find matches more easily. Join us on Instagram.

Already found your surrogacy partner? Here's why you still need us

Intended Parents:

Asking a woman to carry your baby is the biggest ask (no pun intended). Asking her to do it without involving a surrogacy agency – well is quite another big ask. When you request an independent journey, keep in mind that you are asking your surrogate to forgo third party support and guidance during an incredibly intimate and sometimes difficult experience. Our program resolves that issue by being that third-party support for not only your surrogate but also for you. To help seal the deal with your future surrogate, tell her that you will be using our program!


We know that you are motivated to help ease the burden of your chosen intended parents and help complete their family. The last thing you want to ask them to do is pay an extra $25,000 for the guidance and help of a surrogacy agency, but you also want to protect yourself and your family from any unforeseen circumstances and have a place for support in case something scary happens. That’s why we are here. For only $1,500 (which your IPs pay for), you, your family and your intended parents will have all the support you need for your journey. Ask your IPs to sign up for the program for that necessary support!

Who is supporting you through your journey?

MaryJane (MJ)

MJ is a mother through surrogacy and is the founder of The Biggest Ask. Leveraging her skills as a business professor, she has written a surrogacy guide, put together a surrogacy online course and now has developed this program and surrogacy app to help make beautiful surrogacy journeys possible for everyone. MJ’s mission is to make surrogacy as cost efficient and fulfilling as possible. Learn more about MJ’s story and follow her on Instagram.


Ashley is an experienced gestational surrogate and birthed twins to intended fathers in 2020. Ashley and MJ met through their mutual passion for surrogacy via Instagram in 2021 and together they have built a flourishing surrogacy community. Ashley is a stay-at-home mom and has two beautiful children, is an avid crocheter, gardener and a creative and enthusiastic DIY-er. She can do it all. Ashley is MJ’s yin to her yang and together they make the perfect team.

Why choose The Biggest Ask?

For the past 3 years, The Biggest Ask has grown our surrogacy community from 0 to 7,000 (and growing) members (come join us on Instagram). The Biggest Ask has connected with hundreds of intended parents, surrogates, and surrogacy professionals and we have become the most trusted name in surrogacy. We have made it our full time job to ask every question possible regarding surrogacy and learn all the ins and outs of the surrogacy industry in the USA.

Using this knowledge, we have created our full service program. Unlike other agencies or services that have been around for years, we have started our organization fresh, with very limited unnecessary overhead and invested in technology to pass down the savings to intended parents.

What you can expect from us

OfferingThe Biggest Ask ProgramSurrogacy Agencies
Match Surrogates and Intended ParentsYes by leveraging our growing surrogacy communityYes with frequent one-year wait times
Help screen gestational carriersYesYes
Discuss insurance options, lawyers and escrowYesYes
Give comprehensive and personalized supportYesYes
Guide you through every milestoneYesYes
Serve as an intermediary between intended parents and surrogates (if necessary)YesYes
Help with surrogate-IP bondingYesNo
Offer a money back guarantee YesNo
Average Total Cost Per SurrogacyUp to $5,000*$25,000

* Our plans range from $500 to $5,000 depending on needs. Contact us for more information.

Frequently asked questions

While we are not an agency, we provide the same comprehensive services. One reason for our lower fees is our status as a boutique agency with a small team, allowing us to focus on serving only a limited number of clients at a time. Additionally, our fees are lower because we have spent years developing a vibrant surrogacy community on Instagram through free education and awareness initiatives. By leveraging this community, we are able to match our Intended Parents more effectively. Finally, we are fairly selective in which Intended Parents we work with. Since we match within our community, we can only work with Intended Parents who are willing to share their story publicly.

Absolutely! MJ has written a surrogacy guide available for $10 on Amazon. She also offers free online videos about the process that is available to everyone. Learn more here.

MJ and Ashley also host a free support call for IPs and surrogates, separately, every Tuesday (IPs) and Wednesday (surros). Sign up here to get the zoom link (support calls are audio based).

Our full-service fee of $5,000 is divided into three payment milestones to align with key stages of your surrogacy journey. Upon initial sign-up, a payment of $2,500 is due. Once the embryo transfer is scheduled, a $1,500 payment is required. Finally, at the confirmation of a heartbeat, the remaining $1,000 becomes due. In the event that we are unable to find a suitable match for you within three months, we will refund $2,000 of the initial $2,500, allowing you to explore other options.

If you already have a surrogate and wish to utilize our contract negotiation and/or guidance and support services, please note that both of these fees are fully refundable in the event that you are not satisfied with our performance.

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