The Biggest Ask Surrogacy Journey App

An app that guides you through your entire surrogacy journey, while strengthening the bond you have with your surrogacy partner.

Why you will love The Biggest Ask Surrogacy Journey App

1. Share surrogacy appointments details seamlessly

The surrogate uses the app to update the date and time of her next appointment and intended parents and The Biggest Ask get that information immediately. Surrogates can also share private notes and pictures with intended parents and/or The Biggest Ask.

2. Learn what to expect as you progress through the journey

As soon as the surrogate enters the date of her next upcoming appointment, surrogates and intended parents receive an newsletter in their email inbox about what to expect during that appointment. The newsletters provide education, advice and FAQ about the various parts of the process. Still have questions? Shoot us a text or set up an appointment.

3. Intended parents and surrogates bond as the journey unfolds

Surveys show that intended parents bond more with their baby when they bond with their surrogate. Make the most of your journey by bonding with your surrogacy partner. Depending on the frequency you decide, The Biggest Ask will ask you questions that will be shared with your surrogacy partner. The questions become more intimate as the journey unfolds.

4. The Biggest Ask is with you every step along the way

The Biggest Ask not only wants to wish you luck on every appointment, but wants to know how it went. After every appointment, MJ and Ashley will reach out to intended parents and surrogates to find out how it went. Feel free to respond or not – the point is that we want to be there to support you – whether you’re an intended parent or surrogate!

Coming soon in 2023 to iOS & Android

Please note our app is not available on any App store or marketplace, it is available exclusively to our surrogacy program members only.