The Biggest Ask Community Bundle

The Biggest Ask Community Bundle

Finding a community during your surrogacy journey can be hard.

Current options include Facebook groups or signing up with an agency. While Facebook groups are free (and helpful!), the comments can become quite nasty and engagement across members is limited.

On the other side of the spectrum are surrogacy agencies, where surrogates and intended parents are paired with a individualized case manager who (in theory) provides 24-7 hour support, but the average agency fee is $23,000 (for intended parents), making agencies a non-accessible option for most families searching for a surrogate.


This is where The Biggest Ask Community Bundle comes in. For just $9.99/month, we offer:

A professionally managed social platform that allows our surrogates to connect with other surrogates and our intended parents to connect with other intended parents


  • Connecting with other people who are living the same experience as you makes you feel more supported and more confident in your surrogacy journey

A professionally managed discussion forum where members can ask questions and expect a response within 2 business days


  • The surrogacy journey process is scary for both intended parents and surrogates because of all the unknowns. Feel more secure about the process by asking questions and getting a response within two business days.

One-hour virtual meetups every 2 weeks run by experienced surrogates and intended parents to ask questions and get support


  • Putting a face to the name of the people you interact with online is always a great feeling

Monthly guest lectures with professionals of the field, including renowned reproductive endocrinologists, surrogacy lawyers, psychological evaluators and surrogacy agency representatives


  • Never stop learning about everything surrogacy. From the creation of embryos to contract terms you should look out for in any surrogacy agreement, we got you covered

If you decide the community bundle is not right for you, you can cancel at any time.