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Surrogacy Journey Management Service

Surrogacy Journey Management Service

We are happy to announce that we are now offering a surrogacy journey management service for $5,000 for intended parents who have found (or are planning to find) their surrogate independently and who wish to have an open and communicative relationship with them. We do not currently offer matching services, but we do encourage intended parents to fill out this matching post in order to be featured on our website and Instagram account in their search of a surrogate. We do not offer management services for IPs and surrogates who wish to have a closed relationship (i.e., very little communication). Everyone is entitled to have a journey in their own way, but we don’t feel we can deliver exceptional value on this dimension.

For intended parents who have not found a surrogate yet, but are looking independently and wish to have us help during the journey, please feel free to reach out for a free, yet extremely valuable, consult.

What should intended parents and surrogates expect from this service?

Surrogacy can be overwhelming with coordination, communication and follow up and filled with unexpected surprises. Navigating those surprises alone can be hard. We want to help. Here is an outline of *some* of the services we will provide throughout the surrogacy journey:

  • Screening surrogate
  • Reviewing surrogate’s medical insurance
  • Navigating legal contracts
  • Providing weekly support opportunities

Unexpected surprises may arise during your surrogacy journey and it is impossible to categorize them in one of these buckets. We are here for you and will help you navigate anything that comes your way. Learn more by filling out this form to schedule a 15 minute consultation to see if you and The Biggest Ask are a good fit. 

Why Us?

Because we care. Because we are detail-oriented and smart. Because we are passionate about surrogacy. We believe that surrogacy is not just a means to an end, but a journey to experience. We have made it our personal mission to help others make the most of their surrogacy journeys. 

About Us

MaryJane (MJ) is a mother through surrogacy and is the founder of The Biggest Ask. Accountability is a priority for MJ. She has a PhD in Accounting and worked as a business professor for the last 8 years. After learning about surrogacy, she dived in deep and wrote a guide that is available for $10 on Amazon. She also offers free online videos about the process that is available to everyone on this website. MJ’s mission is to make surrogacy as cost efficient and fulfilling as possible. Learn more about MJ’s story here

Ashley is an experienced gestational surrogate and birthed twins to intended fathers in 2020. Ashley and MJ met through their mutual passion for surrogacy via Instagram in 2021 and together they have built a flourishing surrogacy community. Ashley is a stay at home mom and has two beautiful children, is an avid crocheter, gardener and a creative and enthusiastic DIY-er. She can do it all. Ashley is MJ’s yin to her yang and together they make the perfect team. 


Check out our Instagram account @thebiggestask to learn more about MJ and Ashley and surrogacy.